About Over The Mic

Over The Mic is a British talk podcast that aims to share interesting, insightful and inspirational conversations on a whole variety of ideas, experiences and issues we come across. Covering a diverse variety of topics from learning the Law of Attraction, raising money with a charity music festival to improve local communities, busking around Europe to being an underdog university racing team.

The podcast does this by having conversations with organisations and individuals who have interesting, insightful and inspirational experiences and ideas to share, in front of the microphone. From time-to-time there are conversations with only two plus presenters and a microphone, simple as that.

The podcast was launched on 30th of October 2015 and is constantly developing. The podcast has listeners in countries including the United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, India and even as far away as New Zealand!

Check out the podcast by visiting the podcast page or find out more about Matthew, your host.