Series 2 starts this Sunday!

Not long now! I mean, not long now.

On Sunday the second series of Over The Mic will start and it’s going to be a good one! Over the next eight Sundays this will be sharing a mixture of interviews and chinwags.

We start on Sunday with Patrick Wallace, Ross Somerville, Steven Coutts and Mark Bennett telling about their music projects which also connect with charity. Patrick and Ross, previous guests of the show, have written and produced a song for Cookie [Christopher Coutts] who passed away with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2013; this is to raise funds for the Cookie Jar Foundation.

Steven, another previous guest, also appears to give an update on the charity’s activities. To find out more about the charity’s origins you can listen to him on the very first episode of Over The Mic here.

Mark Bennett, Managing Director of Bay Printing and creator of the PKD Festival, talks about his festival making a difference to the local community; as well as how mind over matter can produce amazing results (a running theme for this series)!

Also, Ross Campbell and I will share what you need to pack on holiday and how to tackle the Edinburgh Fringe festival! Speaking of which, there will also be a special Edinburgh Fringe festival show in early August too.

Life coach Sam Forsberg and Josh Quigley the man behind The Tartan Explorer, whose incredible turnaround story from a  suicide attempt to cycling 50,000 miles across the world, are two other guests who will appear on the show.

There’s so much more – but I’ll keep you in suspense for now!

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See you on Sunday!

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