Some details about the upcoming series 4


Just a quick post to share more details about the upcoming series 4 of this podcast.

Firstly, a precise series launch date has been determined – Sunday 25th of June 2017. To ensure you will get it on Sunday your time (unless you’re 12/13 hours ahead or behind the UK then you’ll get it on your Saturday or Monday), all episodes will be released on Sundays at 1200 UK time.

How many episodes? There will be 16 of them. Yes that’s right – 2 thirds of 24 episodes for the 2017 quota will take place from late June to mid-October. That means there will be 8 episodes for series 5 at the end of this year. Four of this series’ episodes will be discussion-based while the rest will be interviews.

The discussion episodes will also diversify to having more voices as well as the topics we talk about. On top of that, some Over The Mic episodes I intend to broadcast live online which will become available as a podcast on that Sunday. This will mark my return to live broadcasting since my days at Kirkcaldy radio station K107FM in 2014 and 2015. Further details will be shared on this website in due course.

What kind of themes will this series cover? At the moment, we intend to look at life after graduation, what’s it like being a model, overcoming fears and many more. That may change between now and late June but one thing is for sure, much of August will be devoted to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We’ll speak to some of the productions taking part in this year’s festival as well as giving you a non-expert view on what shows you can see if you’re in and around Edinburgh. More details in due course and if you’re a Fringe production that would like to promote your show to an audience that stretches from the UK to New Zealand, please get in touch by emailing

That’s enough for now.

To summarise:

  1. Series 4 starts here on Sunday 25/06/2017 at 1200 UK time
  2. 16 episodes for series 4, running from late June to mid-October
  3. Some episodes will be live and released as a podcast later – more details to come.
  4. Wide variety of themes, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will be covered in this series. More details to come.

More details will be shared on the website, on our Facebook and Twitter pages. In the meantime, have a look in the archive or subscribe today so you don’t miss out on series 4 starting on the 25th of June.


Matthew Hansen



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