Thank you for your support (so far) over the last two series


I want to take the opportunity to not only say thanks to all who have appeared on the podcast so far, but to YOU.

To date, you have been listening to us in 28 countries – from the UK to as far as New Zealand! On top of that, August has been our busiest period for downloads – nearly double that in July when series 2 started.

You can listen to the best bits – to date – of the podcast by clicking here (episode 14).

The good news is that Over The Mic will return for a third series – when exactly I’m yet to confirm but the new series has already started development. We don’t wait about of course.

So what can you do in the meantime?

  1. Listen to our shows in the archive section.
  2. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  3. Subscribe to the show via iTunes or RSS (for any other podcatching software)
  4. Visit my website and blog – to see regular blog posts about my media work and anything else that’s on my mind.

We’ll be back very soon and thanks once again for showing your support, this means a lot! 🙂


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