This week’s Over The Mic cancelled: a mixer’s retirement

Unfortunately the news is grim for this week’s Over The Mic.

While recording an interview for this week’s show my Xenyx 502 mixer – which I have used since Summer 2007 – decided to go into retirement by consistently cutting out the audio coming from my laptop’s headphone socket.  In fact, the only real use the mixer is now is for recording my audio only.

Sadly it was a fundamental component of this week’s show and unfortunately I had to postpone the interview until another date. This was despite numerous tweaks, adjustments and workarounds applied. I don’t give up that easily!

So, rather than providing you with yet another show of just me and not meeting my intention to bring guests, I have decided to cancel this week’s Over The Mic.

This is the first – and I hope the only – time the show will be cancelled.

That’s the bad news.

However, keeping positive, the whole series is not going to grind to a halt because of a geratric mixer.

An upgrade of the studio equipment which is verging on ten years old was planned to happen very soon. Now this weekend’s events have accelerated that and is happening as I write this.

The show will be back on Christmas Day for a very seasonal and festive special. More details to come on this website.

In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe to the show via iTunes, RSS and keep up to date with the show on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Also, feel free to check the shows to date below and in the archive.

Thank you very for your understanding and I’m sorry for the cancellation. Your support is genuinely appreciated.


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